Executive Dean's Cabinet

Photo: Robert M. Goodman. Robert M. Goodman
Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Executive Dean, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Executive Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Martin Hall, Room 104

Executive Dean Goodman provides leadership and oversight for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. He works closely with university leaders to develop and implement strategic initiatives that reflect and advance the university's research, education, and outreach missions.

Photo: Paul Elwood. Paul Elwood
Vice Dean for Administration
Associate Dean of Academic Personnel
Martin Hall, Room 116
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Paul Elwood is responsible for the integrated oversight and administration of the Financial and Business Administration, Budget and Planning, Human Resources, and Information Technology units that support the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. He leads efforts to identify and implement new processes integrating these areas to meet unit and University goals. Paul will also be responsible for making significant contributions to institutional planning and to operational strategies. In addition, Paul is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Office of Human Resources. He develops and implements the policies and procedures associated with human resource functions and is also responsible for administrative leadership and support for all matters related to the hiring, reappointment, promotion, and tenure process for faculty. He is also responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of employment terms covered by collective bargaining agreements and serves as a university representative in personnel-related activities including affirmative action, grievances, and harassment compliance.

Photo: Bradley Hillman. Bradley Hillman
Senior Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Director, Research
Martin Hall, Room 113

Brad Hillman is responsible for research programs and resources associated with NJAES. His office ensures effective use of federal formula funding through Hatch, multistate, and McIntire-Stennis programs and of state resources directed to NJAES. He also oversees intellectual property associated with NJAES scientists, such as plant variety patents and royalties. Various NJAES centers and research farms are also coordinated through his office.

Photo: Mukund Karwe. Mukund Karwe
Dean of International Programs, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Food Science Bldg., Room 221

Mukund Karwe is engaged in expanding the international agenda for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. This includes increasing the opportunities for undergraduates to spend a semester or summer abroad in programs that fit within their curriculum and enhance their educational goals, highlighting and supporting the many international activities among the faculty that already exist within the school, and cultivating an international community at the school. He serves as a resource for students and faculty seeking information on international opportunities.

Photo: Larry S. Katz. Larry S. Katz
Sr. Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Director, Cooperative Extension
Martin Hall, Room 309

Larry Katz leads all Cooperative Extension programs. Rutgers Cooperative Extension helps New Jersey's diverse population to adapt to a rapidly changing society and improve their lives and communities through an educational process that uses science-based knowledge.

Photo: Laura Lawson. Laura Lawson
Dean of Agricultural and Urban Programs, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Blake Hall

Laura Lawson supports academic and outreach efforts that connect urban and suburban communities with agriculture in order to enhance the economy, landscape and culture of New Jersey.

Photo: Richard D. Ludescher. Richard D. Ludescher
Dean of Academic Programs, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Martin Hall, Room 216
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Rick Ludescher is responsible for all undergraduate and graduate programs, budget, and general administration for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences.

Photo: Gail Alexander. Gail Alexander
Senior Staff Associate for External Affairs
Martin Hall, Room 104

Gail Alexander is responsible for building relationships with key external constituencies in order to develop and enhance collaborations and support with community and government partners for the betterment of the school and the experiment station.

Photo: Margaret Brennan-Tonetta. Margaret Brennan-Tonetta
Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Associate Vice President for Economic Development, Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate and Professional Education
Director of Economic Growth and Development, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Martin Hall, Room 111

Margaret Brennan-Tonetta is responsible for the development and implementation of new economic development initiatives at NJAES such as the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, as well as administrative oversight of existing programs such as the Rutgers EcoComplex, Center for Advanced Food Technology, the Multispecies Aquaculture Demonstration Facility and the NJAES Technology Transfer program. She also provides economic assessments and operational recommendations for NJAES programs.

Photo: Gregory DiLalo. Gregory DiLalo
Director of Information Technology
ASB II, Room 162
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Greg DiLalo is responsible both directly and indirectly for all Information Technology facilities, human resources, infrastructure, policies, and compliance at both the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Serving as the chief technology officer to the Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources, he oversees the operation of the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS), all activities related to the management of computing and communications hardware, as well as enterprise and departmental class server administration, applications development, and end-user desktop support for voice, video, and personal computing. Greg represents the school and experiment station on several standing university IT committees dealing with architectures, human resource classifications, procurement programs, special initiatives, etc. and directly manages enterprise cluster operations and the administrative storage area network.

Photo: Lisa Estler. Lisa Estler
Associate Dean of Planning and Budgets
Martin Hall, Room 101

Lisa Estler serves as the Chief Financial Officer and financial liaison for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. She is responsible for the oversight and management of all budgets, financial operations and fiscal resources for all departments, centers, institutes, and stations within the school and experiment station. She is charged with the direction, analysis, reporting, and control of all business/financial funds; develops operating plans for personnel, space, physical plant construction, renovation, and facility resources; manages and monitors all funds available to the school and experiment station. As a member of the Executive Dean's Office, Lisa serves as an advisor to support individual faculty members, department chairs, center directors, and deans in strategic management of their resources as well as ensures efficient and effective utilization of all funds to best support the strategic goals of the school and the experiment station.

Photo: Peter Gillies. Peter Gillies
Director, New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health
CAFT Bldg., Room 122

Peter Gillies is the founding director of the New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health. The institute builds on Rutgers' extensive and pioneering work in the fields of agriculture, food science, nutrition science, and human health. The institute, one of the primary initiatives of the university, focuses on society's pressing challenges in cardio-inflammatory disease, cancer, and obesity.

Photo: Michael J. Green. Michael J. Green
Director, Office of Communications
ASB II, Room 172
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Mike Green is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Office of Communications. He ensures that organizational communication needs are met and new communication tools are developed, implemented, evaluated, and reengineered as necessary to meet our clientele's needs. As part of the Executive Dean's office, Mike works with university units, the school, and the experiment station to ensure greater organizational coordination, consistency, and clarity of all communication.

No Photo Available. Thomas Leustek
Associate Dean of Academic Administration, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Martin Hall, Room 221

Thomas Leustek is responsible for the administrative aspects of undergraduate education at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, including course and curriculum revisions, teaching assistant and part-time lecturer allocations, articulations with New Jersey community colleges, and assessment of school academic programs.

Photo: Xenia K. Morin. Xenia K. Morin
Associate Dean and Liaison for Sponsored Programs, Office of Grants Facilitation
Martin Hall, Room 104

Xenia Morin undertakes special projects related to curriculum innovation and resource mobilization to enhance our academic programs as well as enhancing faculty and staff training and development.

Photo: Diana M. Orban Brown. Diana M. Orban Brown
Director, Office of Alumni and Community Engagement
ASB II, Room 157

Diana M. Orban Brown heads the Office of Alumni and Community Engagement and its Discovery Initiative designed to amplify public events of the school and experiment station to enable diverse audiences to experience and become more fully engaged in the work of the university. Her audiences include alumni, students, faculty, staff, retired faculty and staff, and stakeholders of all kinds who wish to be connected to the learning and sharing of the school and experiment station.

Photo: Elisabeth Sikes. Elisabeth Sikes
Secretary of the Faculty
MCS Bldg., Room 114D

Liz Sikes is the secretary of the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences faculty. As secretary she conducts committee and departmental chair elections. She is responsible for preparing agenda and distributing minutes for faculty meetings. Liz is a faculty member in the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences specializing in paleoceanography and carbon cycling.

Photo: Rachele Sylvan. Rachele Sylvan
Director, Office of Financial and Business Administration
Martin Hall, Room 109
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Rachele Sylvan serves as the chief business officer and controller for the school and the experiment station. Rachele designs financial and business solutions to policy and operational problems that have significant impact on all academic, research, and extension programs at the school and the station. In addition, she provides advice, counsel, and training on all school and station financial and business matters. Rachele is responsible for the development, implementation, and integrity of all necessary state, federal, and internal reporting systems. She oversees the administration of the station's state appropriation, the federal Hatch and Smith/Lever appropriations, and all other financial resources belonging to the school and station. She also directs and manages units responsible for school wide accounting and payroll processes and transactions.

Photo: Barbara J. Turpin. Barbara J. Turpin
Dean for Undergraduate Education for the George H. Cook Campus
Cook Student Center, Room 127

Barbara Turpin is the Campus Dean for Cook Undergraduates, advisor for the SEBS Governing Council, and a professor in the Department on Environmental Sciences on G. H. Cook Campus. Dean Turpin works closely with students, faculty, and staff to create lively, cohesive, diverse, but inclusive communities on campus. She facilitates the implementation of academic and social programs for students, such as leadership breakfasts and research mixers.

Photo: Paula Walcott-Quintin. Paula Walcott-Quintin
Executive Communications Specialist, Office of Communications
ASB II, Room 164

Paula Walcott-Quintin is responsible for internal and external communications related to the Office of the Executive Dean, including speeches and presentations as well as provides content, input, and feedback on major Office of Communications publications, including annual reports. She also provides writing and editorial support for web spotlights and for the Newsroom.

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