Acknowledging and Countering Racism Against Asians and Asian-Americans

In light of the recent violence against the Asian and Asian-American Community, we feel it is important to directly address what we, as a community, can do.

What Can I Do?

Four ways to support the Asian-American Community (for Asian-Americans and allies):

  1. Support & Study: Anti-Asian racism is not new, and our communities are resilient.
    • Learn about Asian-American history and connect to our communities and friends.
    • Check in with each other—with your close friends and family.
  2. Show Up & Listen: Connect with Asian Americans in very real ways.
    • Demonstrate support and show that Asian Americans are seen and heard and are supported and valued.
    • Listen and do not judge when AAPI communities share their experiences.
    • Donate your time, talent, or money to organizations fighting anti-Asian racism.
  3. Speak Out:
    • Contact your representatives.
      • Find out who your representatives are.
      • Ask what they are doing to denounce anti-Asian racism and racial violence.
      • Ask how they are working to keep BIPOC communities in their districts safe.
    • Talk to your families and communities and hold each other accountable in stopping AAPI hate.
  4. Step In: Attend free trainings on how to respond to anti-Asian harassment.

(Adapted from UNC-Chapel Hill's Asian American Center)