Executive Dean's Office

Photo: Laura Lawson.

Laura Lawson
Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Office of the Executive Dean
Executive Dean, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, Office of the Executive Dean
Executive Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, Office of the Executive Dean
Martin Hall, Room 104

Executive Dean Lawson provides leadership and oversight for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. She works closely with university leaders to develop and implement strategic initiatives that reflect and advance the university's research, education, and outreach missions.

Photo: Joyce Carlson.

Joyce Carlson
Senior Executive Assistant, Office of the Executive Dean
Martin Hall, Room 104

Joyce Carlson provides executive-level administrative support to the Executive Dean and serves as principle liaison and as a primary point of contact for all senior administrators and outside constituents. She is also responsible for the planning and coordination of meetings and other events requiring leadership from the Office of the Executive Dean. She serves as a member of the Dean's Executive Leadership Team and the Dean's Cabinet.

Photo: Rubia Serra.

Rubia Serra
Administrative Assistant, Office of the Executive Dean
Martin Hall, Room 104

Executive Leadership Team

Photo: Margaret (Peggy) Brennan-Tonetta.

Margaret (Peggy) Brennan-Tonetta
Senior Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Director, Office of Resource and Economic Development
Martin Hall, Room 111
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Margaret Brennan-Tonetta is responsible for the development and implementation of new economic development initiatives at NJAES such as the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, as well as administrative oversight of existing programs such as the Rutgers EcoComplex, Center for Advanced Food Technology, the Multispecies Aquaculture Demonstration Facility and the NJAES Technology Transfer program. She also provides economic assessments and operational recommendations for NJAES programs.

Photo: Wendie Cohick.

Wendie Cohick
Senior Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Director of Research, Research
Martin Hall, Room 104
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Photo: Paul Elwood.

Paul Elwood
Director, Human Resources, Office of Human Resources
Martin Hall, Room 104
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Paul Elwood is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the Office of Human Resources. He develops and implements the policies and procedures associated with human resource functions and is also responsible for administrative leadership and support for all matters related to the hiring, reappointment, promotion, and tenure process for faculty. He is also responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of employment terms covered by collective bargaining agreements and serves as a university representative in personnel-related activities including affirmative action, grievances, and harassment compliance.

Photo: Megan Francis.

Megan Francis
Director, Global Engagement, Office of the Global Engagement
Food Science and Nutritional Sciences Bldg. East, Room 122
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Megan Francis is engaged in expanding the international agenda for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. This includes increasing the opportunities for undergraduates to spend a semester or summer abroad in programs that fit within their curriculum and enhance their educational goals, highlighting and supporting the many international activities among the faculty that already exist within the school, and cultivating an international community at the school. She serves as a resource for students and faculty seeking information on international opportunities.

Photo: Thomas Leustek.

Thomas Leustek
Dean of Academic Programs, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Martin Hall, Room 109
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Thomas Leustek is responsible for all undergraduate and graduate programs, budget, and general administration for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. He is also responsible for the administrative aspects of undergraduate education at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences, including course and curriculum revisions, teaching assistant and part-time lecturer allocations, articulations with New Jersey community colleges, and assessment of school academic programs.

Photo: Gabrielle Peterson.

Gabrielle Peterson
Senior Director of Development
Martin Hall, Room 116A

Gabrielle Peterson is the chief advancement officer for the school and experiment station and is primarily responsible for overseeing all its development operations, including major gifts, corporate and foundation relations, gift planning, and annual giving. She also manages engaging the Executive Dean and key faculty with donors and prospects for the school and experiment station. In addition, Gabrielle oversees forecasting and achieving annual fundraising goals by working in collaboration with colleagues at the Rutgers University Foundation.

Photo: Troy Roepke.

Troy Roepke
Associate Dean, Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Bartlett Hall, Room 305B

Photo: Brian Schilling.

Brian Schilling
Senior Associate Director, New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station
Director, Cooperative Extension
Martin Hall, Room 309
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Brian Schilling leads all Cooperative Extension programs. Rutgers Cooperative Extension helps New Jersey's diverse population to adapt to a rapidly changing society and improve their lives and communities through an educational process that uses science-based knowledge.

No Photo Available.

Mazen Shehat
Senior Associate Dean of Finance and Administration, Office of the Executive Dean
Martin Hall, Room 104

Mazen Shehat serves as chief operating officer for SEBS and NJAES. Mazen is responsible for the organization, direction, and management of all administrative and business offices that support the school and experiment station, including finance administration, budget and planning, human resources, facilities operations and planning, and information technology for instructional and research support.

Photo: Zenash Tassew.

Zenash Tassew
Director, Office of Financial and Business Administration
Martin Hall
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Zenash Tassew serves as the chief business officer and controller for the school and the experiment station. Zenash designs financial and business solutions to policy and operational problems that have significant impact on all academic, research, and extension programs at the school and the station. In addition, she provides advice, counsel, and training on all school and station financial and business matters. Zenash is responsible for the development, implementation, and integrity of all necessary state, federal, and internal reporting systems. She oversees the administration of the station's state appropriation, the federal Hatch and Smith/Lever appropriations, and all other financial resources belonging to the school and station. She also directs and manages units responsible for school wide accounting and payroll processes and transactions.

Photo: Julie Traxler.

Julie Traxler
Associate Dean for Academic Programs, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Martin Hall, Room 109

Julie Traxler is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Academic Services component of the Office of Academic Programs. This encompasses advising, registration, admissions, recruitment, scholastic standing, degree certification/graduation and all areas related to academic policies, procedures and programs.

Photo: Regina Williams.

Regina Williams
Director, Office of Planning and Budgets
Martin Hall, Room 214

Regina serves as the chief financial officer and financial liaison for the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. She is responsible for the oversight and management of all budgets, financial operations, and fiscal resources for all departments, centers, institutes, and off-campus stations within the school and experiment station. She is charged with the direction, analysis, reporting, and control of all business/financial funds; develops operating plans for personnel, space, physical plant construction, and renovation and facility resources; manages and monitors all funds available to the school and experiment station. As a member of the Executive Dean's Office, Regina serves as an advisor to support individual faculty members, department chairs, center directors, and deans in strategic management of their resources as well as ensures efficient and effective utilization of all funds to best support the strategic goals of the school and the station.

Leadership Council

Photo: Gregory DiLalo.

Gregory DiLalo
Director of Information Technology
ASB II, Room 162
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Greg DiLalo is responsible both directly and indirectly for all Information Technology facilities, human resources, infrastructure, policies, and compliance at both the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. Serving as the chief technology officer to the Executive Dean of Agriculture and Natural Resources, he oversees the operation of the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS), all activities related to the management of computing and communications hardware, as well as enterprise and departmental class server administration, applications development, and end-user desktop support for voice, video, and personal computing. Greg represents the school and experiment station on several standing university IT committees dealing with architectures, human resource classifications, procurement programs, special initiatives, etc. and directly manages enterprise cluster operations and the administrative storage area network.

Photo: Gloria Dominguez-Bello.

Gloria Dominguez-Bello
Director, New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health
IFNH, Room 220
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The institute builds on Rutgers' extensive and pioneering work in the fields of agriculture, food science, nutrition science, and human health. The institute, one of the primary initiatives of the university, focuses on society's pressing challenges in cardio-inflammatory disease, cancer, and obesity.

Photo: Michael J. Green.

Michael J. Green
Director, Office of Communications and Marketing
Martin Hall, Room 111
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Mike Green is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Office of Communications and Marketing. He ensures that organizational communication needs are met and new communication tools are developed, implemented, evaluated, and reengineered as necessary to meet our clientele's needs. As part of the Executive Dean's office, Mike works with university units, the school, and the experiment station to ensure greater organizational coordination, consistency, and clarity of all communication.

Photo: Glenn Mettrock.

Glenn Mettrock
Director of Facilities Operations
Martin Hall, Room 213

Photo: Jacqueline Moore.

Jacqueline Moore
Assistant Dean/EOF Manager, SEBS Educational Opportunity Fund
Martin Hall, Room 211
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The SEBS EOF office works to facilitate student academic success by strengthening office functioning and program services. Working with administrative and academic offices, Dr. Moore fosters collegial rapport that creates opportunities for on and off-campus collaboration. In addition to her administrative duties, Dr. Moore is responsible for managing campus, university and state budgets, securing funds necessary for the enhancement of programming to create and support opportunity for student intellectual and personal growth. Dr. Moore believes that through education individuals gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Photo: Xenia K. Morin.

Xenia K. Morin
Senior Associate Dean for Learning, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
IFNH, Room Suite 220

Xenia Morin undertakes special projects related to curriculum innovation and resource mobilization to enhance our academic programs as well as enhancing faculty and staff training and development.

Photo: Mary Nucci.

Mary Nucci
Assistant Dean for Campus Engagement, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Cook Office Bldg., Room 227

Mary Nucci is responsible for leading school co-curricular activities and generating school-wide engagement among faculty, students, and staff. She coordinates existing programs, such as the SEBS Science Cafes, the fall research mixer, and alternative science career programming, develops new programs that support the SEBS community, and provides active collaboration with other SEBS and Rutgers organizations seeking to build our campus learning community.

Photo: Teresa Pergher.

Teresa Pergher
Assistant Director, Office of Human Resources
Martin Hall
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Teresa is the initial contact providing direction and advisement to all SEBS departments on personnel-related matters, i.e., searches and recruitment (faculty/staff) and through NTT reappointments, retirements, resignations, terminations, salary in-grades, acting appointments, reclassifications, and making certain that all terms and conditions of employment are handled in compliance with University rules and regulations. She also provides training education on various human resources topics and university-wide HR initiatives. She often serves on search committees for administrative staff and assists the Vice Dean for Administration in serving as University representative in personnel-related matters such as Affirmative Action, grievances, and harassment compliance. For faculty affairs, she provides adherence to the faculty appointment/reappointment process: managing faculty offer letters and faculty contracts, and coordinates the faculty promotion and reappointment process each cycle. Teresa also oversees the Sabbatical and Competitive Fellowship Leave Programs. As Unit Approver, she oversees recruitment requests in the Rutgers Onboarding Classification System (ROCS) and monitors unit compliance.

Photo: John Reinfelder.

John Reinfelder
Director, G. H. Cook Senior Honors Program, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
ENRS Bldg., Room 260

Photo: Oscar Schofield.

Oscar Schofield
Chair, Department Chairs Council
MCS Bldg., Room 318C

Photo: David Tulloch.

David Tulloch
Director, General Honors Program, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Blake Hall, Room 227

Photo: Lori A. White.

Lori A. White
Secretary of the Faculty
Lipman Hall, Room 108